A fantastic Programme

QA&TEST is the International Conference on Software Testing and QA for embedded systems that is held annually in Bilbao. This year, the 17th edition will take place on the 17, 18 and 19 October.

The Technical Committee of QA&TEST is working on a very special Programme:

- 2 tutorials
- 3 keynotes
- 22 presentations
- 1 special lecture
- and tons of networking!

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Do you want to start your training in software testing and quality?

QA & TEST offers you a unique opportunity: two full-day courses, which will take place at the same time of the conference. During these courses, you will learn about the basics of testing, test automation and load and performance testing. You will share the social events with conference attendees, so you can establish relationships with professionals in the sector, who will share with you their knowledge and expertise.

There are three different modalities:

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Special Lecture: Success Soft Skills for SW Testing

QAEngineers skills should not be limited to technical competences based on expertise and knowledge, “soft skills” are also an important factor during testing. Additionally they become an important aspect to evaluate when interviewing new candidates for the QA/Test team. Soft skills mainly focus on the relations between tester and the work environment: Problems, communication, emotional intelligence, proactivity, etc…

Identify and improve test team soft skills is even more important than technical skills especially in complex projects or environments with high number of changes. Almost everyone could get an ISTQB certification, or be a master with Selemium  but “learn” how to be proactive to changes, or empathic  is little bit more complex.

This presentation will cover the most relevant “soft skills” from the SW test point of view splitter in 3 main areas: Organization, Personal and Communication.

Special Lecture: What Aircrews Can Teach Testing Teams

United Flight 232 should have crashed with 296 lives lost. In contrast, Asiana Flight 214 should not have crashed at all. The critical difference between the two was the interactions of their respective aircrews. Aircrew resource management refers to how cockpit crew members work together to make flights as safe and efficient as possible. These principles have been applied to other professional fields, and should be a central practice of every testing and project team.

This presentation discusses how aircrew resource management has evolved to focus on expertise, collaboration, and decision-making in the cockpit.  It applies these lessons to testing and project teams, where complementary expertise is necessary to deliver high quality and working applications, updated continuously.  It highlights the characteristics of successful aircrew teams and how those characteristics apply to building and delivering great software.

Networking Opportunities: The Conference Banquet

As an attendee, you are invited to the Conference Banquet. The conference dinner is a perfect place for networking: conversations about events in a relaxed atmosphere accompanied by excellent Basque cuisine.

Register today in QA&TEST and do not miss this excellent opportunity to establish direct contact with other professionals of the sector.