A fantastic Programme

QA&TEST is the International Conference on Software Testing and QA for embedded systems that is held annually in Bilbao. This year, the 17th edition will take place on the 17, 18 and 19 October.

The Technical Committee of QA&TEST is working on a very special Programme:

- 2 tutorials
- 3 keynotes
- 22 presentations
- 1 special lecture
- and tons of networking!

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Track 4: Test Strategy

Driving product reliability through an operational profile based test strategy is the title of the presentation which will open this track. Paul Derckx, from Philips, will explain why the quality and reliability of our products is key for their customers and their patients. To drive reliability improvements, they developed a reliability strategy focusing on what is key for their customers. Operational profiles derived from our installed base. Based on priorities the operational profiles are automated.

PraveenKumar Prem will will give the second presentation, about the predictive analytics in quality assurance. As organisations undergoes rapid digital transformation in recent times; which is rapidly changing the business operations, Quality Assurance (QA) must transform from traditional quality control to an Intelligent Quality Engineering supporting an Agile/DevOps delivery. Today's business landscapes require QA Leaders to make critical decisions quickly. They must make use of data like customer feedback, customer sentiment using social media analytics, defect data, test results, Production incidents, application logs available at disposal to make quick informed decisions. In an agile environment, as the product features are developed in multiple iterations, there is a subsequent addition to the regression test suite which increases the regression cycle durations as well.

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Two stunning tutorials

Philip Lew is the CEO at XBOSoft and he will give this 4-hour tutorial on software quality metrics. When implementing software quality metrics, we need to first understand the purpose of the metric and who will be using it. Will the metric be used for measuring people, the process, illustrate the level of quality in software products, or drive towards a specific objective? QA managers typically want to deliver productivity metrics while management may want to see metrics that support customer or user satisfaction or cost related (ROI) initiatives. With agile development methods, we often lose sight that our primary objective is the same, quality. Many organizations are myopic on the primary objective of velocity. However, velocity means little without quality. Define quality for your organization with an agile looking glass with intermediate metrics that lead to both quality and velocity. Learn to develop and implement software quality metrics with actions toward improving on these two primary objectives.

Derk-Jan de Grood works for Valori as senior test manager and agile transition coach and will make an approach on CI/CD to empower organisations to bring their solution in production fast and frequent. In this interactive session Derk-Jan de Grood will share the benefits of this concept and introduce eight conditions that from a testers perspective need to be met in order to make CI/CD a success. We will discuss various levels of CI/CD and how this impacts the condition, and e.g. how outsources maintenance department fits (our does not) in the picture, How Embedded products releate to s/w only products and how automation is crucial.

Networking Opportunities: Guided tour in Bilbao

At the end of the first day of QA&TEST we will organize a guided tour in Bilbao, revealing historical data and curious details about the most emblematic places. A great and relaxed exercise after a day of the most complete QA&TEST!

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