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Call for Papers extended deadline - 19th March 2018

The organization of QA&TEST has received lot of applications after the deadline, so they have decided to extend the deadline until 19th March. Share your knowledge in QA&TEST!

Participate as a speaker at QA&TEST will bring you the possibility of establishing direct contact with directors and senior executives of technology companies. QA&TEST will allow you to improve your business network and build relationships with potential customers, from the vantage position of being recognized as an expert in QA & Testing for Embedded Systems.

Thanks for being part of QA&TEST 2017

QA&TEST  has successfully closed its 16th edition. During the 25th, 26th and 27th October, all the participants have enjoyed a whole of 27 presentations, keynotes and tutorials with high technical content and training, and they have been accompanied by professionals around the world who have created an excellent atmosphere focused on a vision of industry in constant evolution.

From the QA & TEST team we want to thank everyone who attended the conference and especially our speakers, exhibitors and technical committee. We had a great edition of the conference due to your collaboration, with three days of learning and networking.

This edition, QA&TEST Best Speaker's award was given to Peter Varhol from the company Dynatrace. His presentation, entitled "Mobile Apps and the Role of Load Testing" was highly valued by the audiencie and the Technical Committee so the award was very well-deserved.

The photos of the Conference are already available in our Flickr. Don't miss a thing about this fantastic conference!

See you in QA & TEST 2018!

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Track 3: QA Management

Derk-Jan de Grood, who works for Valori as senior test manager and agile transition coach, will open this track with a presentation entitled Grip on your Test maturity using the Ambition chart. Agile test teams access their effectiveness every sprint. The power of retrospectives is that they, when done well, focus on improving in small achievable steps. This ensures that progress is being made and is more than just a far away dream. In this presentation he will explain how to make and use an ambition chart and he will explain situations in which it can be beneficial and share some examples of focus areas.

Niv Segev will be in charge of the second presentation. He will discuss and share from his own experience as testing manager at Telefonica digital, how they were able to test a telco app affecting hundreds of millions around the world, serving multiple distributed geo's (influenced by locale settings, culture & 3rd party infrastructure), neverending platforms - web, desktop, ios, android WP taking into account all relevant hardware models and different OS versions - all of that with 14 QA engineers.

Avi Babaniwill be the third speaker of this track, and he will talk about the Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) – a hardware and firmware technology for remote out-of-band management of personal computers, in order to monitor, maintain, update, upgrade, and repair them. For many years, testers working on AMT were given their own CPU board which they used in testing. The board was sitting on their personal lab bench and engineers got used to have their “own” hardware. Since these development boards cost a lot of money, we were looking for ways to share the HW between engineers.

And last, Viviane Lyrio e Higgor Valença will explain their experience about the user experience as indicator for assessing performance risks. Due to the constant pressure to release a feature as soon as possible, many tests are deprioritized because the feature are considered simple. However, these features can have non-functional requirements that can affect the user impression of the system. This paper proposes an approach to performance test that uses user experience (UX) as an indicator of what should be prioritized.

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