When Risk Based Testing becomes a gamble

Andrzej Lisowski    
Ericsson Telecommunication - The Netherlands

Presentation abstract

How to make sure that a company developing telco grade software does not end up like Lehman Brothers i.e. does not take to much risk?
Risk Based Testing needs to be used with care. The companies applying it need to make sure that that they don’t take too much risk when releasing a product. This is especially valid for the vendors of telecom equipment who guarantee 99.999% availability for their products and every minute of the down time of the delivered system can have huge financial consequences for both customer and the supplier.
This lecture describes the remedies required to address this issue.

Speakers information

Andrzej Lisowski is Senior Specialist for Integration and Verification at Ericsson working in the Netherlands with over 15 years of experience in telecommunication industry. Graduated at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland in 1995.
During professional career held various positions covering complete product development lifecycle starting from software development, through test up to the implementation at the customer site.
In recognition for his skills and professionalism has been awarded in 2006 with the title of Senior Specialist in the area of Integration and Verification. Since 2008 busy at corporate level with projects that assure technological leadership for Ericsson.
His main expertise area are telecom grade qualities like high availability and superior user experience in telecom networks starting from classical circuit switch like PSTN and GSM, through IMS up to the mobile broadband i.e. LTE.